Juvederm — how to distinguish an original from a fake

Injection cosmetology develops according to the laws of parallel reality. In parallel with the legal trafficking of toxins, fillers, and biorevitalization mezokokteyley, there is a trade counterfeiting and forgery are absolutely legitimate products all the line. According to the segment operators, the “grey” market is quite capable of competing with the white market in terms of sales volumes. And it is no secret that popular and expensive cosmetic brands are often counterfeited. Use questionable means more expensive — at best the result will be weak, and at worst fake can harm health.
Before you buy Restylane online, Botox or any other beauty injection drug — you need to make sure of its authenticity. Continue reading “Juvederm — how to distinguish an original from a fake”

Overcome Stress: Part 1

Once the sources of stress are recognized, the next step is to overcome stress. The emphasis on stress in the last few posts is because of the toll it takes on us. It is estimated that as many as 80 percent of all diseases are due to the effects of stress, so overcoming stress is an important step in creating health. Continue reading “Overcome Stress: Part 1”