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One of the main attributes of beauty and youth is hair. Thick, shiny, strong! But, achieving such a head of hair is not an easy task. Many of us, regardless of gender and age, face hair loss problems. When ...
by Aaren Foley 4 March 2021
What is the secret of long thick hair? Most girls dream of healthy, long, and voluminous curls, but how to be patient and not pick up scissors? To grow long thick hair, you need to understand that without ...
by Aaren Foley 12 December 2020
Fast facts Juvéderm and Restylane are two types of dermal fillers used to treat wrinkles. Both injections use a hyaluronic acid gel to increase skin volume. These are non-invasive procedures. No operation ...
by Aaren Foley 30 October 2020
The Heart valves function in such a way that they perform the rhythmic functions of the heart. These rhythmic actions come out in the form of heart beats. In fact they are responsible for the functioning ...
by Aaren Foley 14 June 2019
Injection cosmetology develops according to the laws of parallel reality. In parallel with the legal trafficking of toxins, fillers, and biorevitalization mezokokteyley, there is a trade counterfeiting and ...
by Aaren Foley 11 June 2019
In this modern medical world, diagnosing Heart diseases have become very simple. Thanks to the major tests available in major hospitals and clinics, help for the patients are available all round the clock. ...
by Aaren Foley 10 June 2019
Ever wondered about a child’s heart rate when it is there in its mother womb? A child’s heart rate inside the mother is one of the fascinating things to learn as it differs from the heart rates of normal ...
by Aaren Foley 7 June 2019
Another new age surgery developed to make heart surgeries simpler. Normally prior to this system, we had the bypass surgery of the heart which was considered as a very dangerous surgery. To give hope and ...
by Aaren Foley 3 June 2019
Once the sources of stress are recognized, the next step is to overcome stress. The emphasis on stress in the last few posts is because of the toll it takes on us. It is estimated that as many as 80 ...
by Aaren Foley 31 May 2019
Women unlike men are not the ones who go for work normally. Many women still remain within their houses and carry out their daily household jobs. But if we think that they enjoy no heart disorders, then we ...
by Aaren Foley 28 May 2019
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