Pulmonary Heart Disease

Another very dangerous, life threatening is the best way to describe this disease. It is another strong disease like arrhythmia and other heart disorders. So it is better to learn about it before it becomes too late. Let us take a look.
About it: This disease is also called as Cor Pulmonale and it belongs to the never ending list of diseases related to the heart. Continue reading “Pulmonary Heart Disease”

Risk Factor of Heart Disease

Heart Diseases are becoming more and more prevalent today with the rising pollution both in terms of the actual one and in terms of manpower. Even a normal, healthy person is more susceptible to diseases in the present world. So can a common man be spared? Yes it is possible!! Let us take a look. Continue reading “Risk Factor of Heart Disease”

Robotic Heart Surgery – Guide to Heart Disease

Computer has overtaken man long back and that is evident in the way the medical world is functioning. Robots have taken over from man’s knowledge and they themselves now carry out a heart surgery which is known for its perfection. But are we risking the life of the patient lives? Take a look. Continue reading “Robotic Heart Surgery – Guide to Heart Disease”

Stress and Illnesss: Mind As Healer, Mind As Slayer

We don’t often think of our mind as the cause of good health or illness, but our mind has as much, if not more, influence over our health than diet, exercise, or our genes. This idea that the mind directly affects what happens in the body has been known for over 70 years, but only relatively recently have main-stream physicians been suggesting to patients that they take-up mind-calming techniques such as meditation and mindfulness. These suggestions are beginning to replace prescriptions for tranquillizers, as the evidence shows that mindfulness teaches people to respond to situations, rather than react to them. Continue reading “Stress and Illnesss: Mind As Healer, Mind As Slayer”