Robotic Heart Surgery – Guide to Heart Disease

1 December 2021
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    Computer has overtaken man long back and that is evident in the way the medical world is functioning. Robots have taken over from man’s knowledge and they themselves now carry out a heart surgery which is known for its perfection. But are we risking the life of the patient lives? Take a look.

    About the Procedure: The procedure may look complex but it is not as complex as it looks like and is done with greater confidence in this ever growing medical field. You may call it a big achievement but is it really is the big question that is raised. Well these robots cannot carry out all the surgery and can only carry out those ones associated with the Anterior Descending Coronary Artery. Although not many surgeries have been carried out, still many doctors regard this as a breakthrough in the way the surgeries are carried out. Many doctors call them revolutionizing the entire surgery process which once looked very difficult. In fact these surgeries have received an overwhelming response as many say that this process can lead to a potential non human intervention in case of Robotic Heart surgeries. They are mainly carried out for patients with health disorders like Arrhythmia and other heart disorders.

    Although if we take a look at how the surgery has shaped, we get to know that not all the surgeries carried out by the robots have been successful and there have been some loss of lives as well.

    Anyway we will take a look on that aspect at the later part and concentrate on this robotic heart surgery which has created new waves in the medical field.

    Pros and Cons: Well with a new technology, normally people find a lot of pros and cons and that is the case with this one as well. Yes the advantages include a very specific surgery with complete precision and a very correct surgery that cannot be associated with any human surgery. Also since the surgery is very correct, the patient can expect to attain very good health and money can be saved as well.

    If we look on what the cons are, then you find many here unfortunately. The efficiency and the safety of the patient after the surgery is still a major concern and has been the biggest flaw of this surgery. Also the expenses of the surgery are very high which puts a heavy strain on these surgeries being carried out. So many doctors say that this surgery may not be a success and it will take time for it to settle down.

    The Final Verdict: The final verdict is clear that the surgery has many advantages and disadvantages. So the surgery has to be carefully monitored for flaws and then only considered as the doctors cannot risk the patient lives. So as of now this procedure will be under test and who knows we may well see this procedure being famous one day.

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