Valvular Heart Disease

22 May 2021
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    The Heart valves function in such a way that they perform the rhythmic functions of the heart. These rhythmic actions come out in the form of heart beats. In fact they are responsible for the functioning of the heart as they keep functioning continuously and are responsible for blood circulation in the body.

    Disease: If the valves of the heart malfunction in such a way that the circulation of the blood is disturbed, then it results in severe complications finally leading to death.

    The Valves include the Mitral Valve, Aortic Valve, Tricuspid and the Bicuspid valves in the heart. These complications may be inborn or acquired in the later part of life. This is another cruel heart disease and like other heart diseases, it is a killer one as well. It is commonly said that nearly 20 % of the deaths in the world come from this disease. The thing to note here is the fact that the probability of this disease is more with Aortic valve, followed by Mitral valve and then the numbers are very small for tricuspid and the bicuspid valves. So many people have disorders in the aortic and their mitral valves.

    During Pregnancy: These valve disorders pose great problems in a pregnant woman. The problems extend to the fetus as well.

    The doctors attribute the reason to the increased blood flow to the body of the heart and for the nourishment to the fetus as well. So both the mother and the child’s life will be in danger. The common disease in these cases is the Severe Aortic Stenosis. This disorder should be corrected before pregnancy to avoid risking with both the mother’s and the child’s life as well.

    Treatment: After the patient is diagnosed with valve disorders, the treatment procedures depend on the severity of the disorder and also the malfunctioning extent.

    In fact those with minor problems do not need treatment at all and with smaller problems should go for medication. By the usage of ACE inhibitors, one can widen a particular blood vessel and thus reduce the world load of the heart leading to decreased blood pressure. Also by the process of Antiarrythmics, one can maintain a regular and a correct heart beat, pumping more blood in the body.

    Along with all these medical procedures is the method using antibiotics to cure the disease. Also one can prevent blood clots by the method of usage of Anticoagulants. The diuretics lower the excess fluid level in the body and the Inotropes increases the force of heart contractions in the body. These diseases are very cruel troubling mankind’s existence in this earth. Though there are modern procedures to save lives, still no body can escape the suffering!
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