Person After A Heart Attack

3 March 2021
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    Know how to treat a person who has suffered from a big heart attack? Many have the answer as no as panic takes over and sense is lost. It is recommended that we keep ourselves relaxed as much as possible. Let us take a look on what we can do after a heart attack.

    What to do? Immediately after a heart attack, it is important that the person comes out of the panic created during the attack. Many doctors give counseling to their patients to help them a great deal. It is up to the patients to tell themselves they are brave.

    Also it is important that the patients go for complete rest unless and until they feel like they are good enough to carry their normal routine. Sometimes after the attack, the doctors may request the patients to stay in the hospital in cases where the heart muscle is weak. Also there is a strong possibility of other problems like Arrhythmia after days of the attack.

    The patients should generally move slowly from the resting phase to the normal work phase so that they do not allow stress to take control of them. It is generally advised that after a heart attack the patients go for some light exercises like the stretching ones which give the feeling of being more mobile and agile after a crushing heart attack. So start slowly and carefully to make sure that you do not over stress yourself as your body will be generally weak after an attack.

    Slowly and steadily you will find yourself becoming more active Seek your doctor’s advise periodically to stay active and for a speedy recovery from the attack.

    Also your doctor may assess your health status by keeping some regular fitness tests which gives the idea about your recovery process, which is so crucial after an attack to stay normal. These tests may consist of a treadmill test where your heart beats are tracked carefully to see if they are perfect. If the patient happens to get through the test successfully, then the patient can consider that the recovery process is complete. Also the doctor may ask you to go for a exercise plan to make you stay healthy always.

    Normally no medicines are prescribed and it is the patient’s work thereafter to carry out the exercise plans as given by his doctor. Also some doctors may ask for attending the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program which is very effective for a patient and easy as well. The patient may be asked to attend it and then the patient can continue doing it in their house itself. Also contact your doctor immediately if you have any heart attack symptoms while during the exercises as overdoing it may result in other serious complications as well.
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