5 rules to brushing your teeth

28 July 2021
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    Brushing your teeth is a simple procedure performed on a regular basis by every person on the planet Earth (well, at least we hope so). And even though oral hygiene is extremely important and deserves proper attention, a lot of people underestimate this process.

    In today’s article, we would like to tell you something dentists rarely inform their patients about – what are the rules of teeth brushing. Yes, it can be surprising, but there are some crucial rules. So, without further ado, let’s start our discussion!

    What are the most important rules for brushing your teeth?

    The best feeling in dental hygiene is, undoubtedly, sensations after brushing your teeth. The pleasant mint aftertaste, smooth enamel you can run your tongue over, the sense of freshness. And there are some oral health basics every person should follow in order to keep good oral health. We are going to discuss each of them individually.

    Brush your teeth two times per day

    Not many people know that, but there is a “Brush 2×2” rule. You need to brush your teeth two times per day for two minutes. All of that should be combined with a proper brushing technique and proper fluoride toothpaste. And two minutes will be more than enough for the whole mouth – back teeth, lower teeth, front teeth. Do not leave out any part.

    Do not be too harsh

    Harder doesn’t mean better, especially if talking about toothbrushing. Gentle pressure is a guarantee that a gum line won’t be hurt and, as a result, bleeding. It is also better to choose a toothbrush with softer bristles.

    Brushing your tongue is also important

    As the tongue basically contacts with everything you put inside your mouth so that it can become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. And it can cause various types of troubles – from bad breath to infections. That is why you should not forget to brush your tongue carefully every time you are cleaning the outer surfaces, as well as the inner surfaces.

    Floss is not optional

    Floss is needed to reach food particles between teeth properly. Regular flossing is very important and can protect teeth from such trouble as plaque, gum inflammations, and so on. Som we believe it is better to dedicate 2-3 minutes per day for flossing than hours for appointments in the doctor’s office later.

    Do not forget to change your toothbrush

    If bristles on your toothbrush start bending outward, it is a sign that you need to buy a new one. Dental health specialists recommend changing it once every three months, or in case you were sick recently. It also relates to electric toothbrush heads.

    How to choose a toothbrush?

    In order to take proper care of teeth and their chewing surfaces, it is vital to pick the right toothbrush that will be perfect exactly in your case. There are a few useful tips you can use when selecting one, and now we are going to tell you more about those.

    • Pick a comfortable size of a brush head. The best size for the toothbrush head is one inch tall and half an inch wide. It should be comfortable enough to reach all outside and inside surfaces, easily go to the sides in order to have a healthy mouth effect;
    • Choose your perfect type of bristles. There are three common types of bristles – soft, medium, and hard. If to talk about density, soft nylon is one of the most commonly used kinds. Depending on your teeth and gum condition, a doctor should help you to pick toothbrush bristles. For example, a soft-bristled brush is usually chosen for those with teeth sensitivity and weak gums;
    • Rounded or straight bristles. Straight bristles are sharper than rounded ones, so they can be more harmful than good. And even though both kinds will be great for dental care, medical professionals still recommend choosing rounded type;
    • Look for the ADA-approved one. The ADA approval means that the product was tested carefully before going on the shelves, so it has all the needed features to make a patient smile healthy. It demonstrates that bristles tips are completely safe and won’t fall out as time passes by, a handle is sturdy enough, and it can provide an amazingly refreshing and cleaning effect to the entire mouth;
    • Pick between manual and electric toothbrushes. Of course, there is no such thing that one of these brushes provides fresher breath and better cleaning than the other. Your choice is a 100% personal preference. The recommendations of how to use those are also the same – spend approximately two minutes brushing, do it twice per day, do not forget to floss afterward. That’s it!

    The bottom line

    If you follow the simple steps mentioned above, you will be able to avoid tooth decay and improve the overall health of your teeth pretty fast. Please, visit a dentist regularly and contact them in case there are any problems; only a doctor can provide medical advice that will be the best in your case. Hopefully, you found this article helpful. Good luck!

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