5 Things that You Can Do to Practice Preventive Healthcare

29 June 2021
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    You have probably heard the phrase “Prevention is better than cure.” Indeed, the best way to stay in good health is to practice preventive healthcare. But how can you do it?

    Well, keep reading this article to find out several things you can do to warn physical and mental diseases.

    What Are Preventive Health Practices?

    First of all, let’s figure out what preventive health practices are. In simple words, they are the measures of health promotion that you could take to prevent any physical or mental disease.

    Depending on the actions you have to take for disease prevention, preventive health practices can be divided into several levels, such as:

    • Elimination of diseases by increasing one’s resistance to them and staying away from the disease agents (primary prevention level);
    • Detection of an existing disease before the appearance of any symptoms (secondary prevention level);
    • Redundancy of the harm from symptomatic disease via different kinds of treatment (tertiary prevention level);
    • Medical ethics and its impact on diminishing or termination of intervention into patients’ health (quaternary prevention level).

    A side note: There is also a primordial prevention level that includes the avoidance of the development of risk factors in the fetal and early stages of a person’s life.

    What Are Some Examples of Preventive Physical and Mental Health Care?

    The practices you could take in preventive services vary according to the level of prevention you take. So, let’s look at some examples of preventive care you could undergo to boost your own health:

    • Some examples of primary preventive care services are the immunization of the population against a number of diseases, healthy eating, and regular physical activity.
    • Practical cases of secondary prevention include both regular mental health screenings and different investigations of physical health, such as cancer, diabetes, and blood pressure screenings.
    • Tertiary preventive measures against health problems encounter successful treatment of symptomatic diseases via surgeries, medicaments, and therapies, as well as rehabilitation after a certain illness or infection.
    • Finally, quaternary prevention could be exemplified by the avoidance of the potential results of excessive intervention in the health system during the medical care of certain patients.

    What Are the 5 Things You Can Do to Practice Preventive Health Care?

    Now you know what preventive health practice is. But what can you do to practice preventive healthcare? And how can you improve your physical and mental health?

    Well, here are the 5 things you might do to practice preventive care of your health:

    1. Choose a proper health plan from one of the reliable healthcare providers. This way, you’ll gain proper preventive care that covers regular medical examinations and screenings of your body by your in-network provider.
    2. Always remember about taking preventive measures where possible. For example, give preference to safe sex and, thus, protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases. Also, mind your chronic health conditions by running regular prophylaxis.
    3. Take care of your personal health by keeping a healthy and balanced diet. Substitute pizzas, burgers, and other junk food with whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and other healthy products. This way, you’ll warn the appearance of such health conditions as obesity or high cholesterol.
    4. Lead an active life with regular exercises such as yoga, pilates, and fitness. As well, take a morning run, an evening walk, or use a bicycle instead of a car when going to work.
    5. Finally, mind general rules of hygiene. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap on a regular basis, clean your teeth twice a day, and avoid touching your face while preparing food.

    How Can You Improve Preventive Care?

    If you already do the above-mentioned things when practicing your healthful living, here are some other pieces of advice for you:

    • Renew your vaccinations from time to time;
    • Avoid excessive drinking;
    • Quit smoking.

    These are probably some of the simplest but at the same time effective ways to improve your preventive care.

    A Bottom Line

    All in all, it’s always better to prevent a disease before it appears than wait till such health conditions as medical emergencies appear.

    Thus, pay attention to the pieces of advice that are mentioned above to become one step closer to your healthiest life!

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