Benefits of Drinking a lot of Water

22 July 2021
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    Remembering the school course in biology, the following information comes to mind: “the human body consists of water by 60-80%.” Indeed, comprising such a great part of the human organism, it is crucial to mind how much water you drink to help your organism function properly.


    The health benefits of water are clear. Being an active participant in biological processes, water cleanses our body both outside and inside, improves well-being, and rejuvenates the organism at the cellular level. Unfortunately, most of us do not pay enough attention to whether we drink enough fluids or not, consuming no more than a third of the daily water intake per day. This amount falls on the water entering our body with fruits, vegetables, other water-rich foods, or beverages (carbonated, tea, coffee, etc.).

    The organism does not receive clean drinking water, which leads to a deficiency of life-giving moisture and dehydration, and this is fraught with serious consequences. The damage caused by dehydration is enormous. The fact is that the body, trying to compensate for the lack of fluid on its own, gradually takes it from the cells and blood. In turn, the functioning of vital organs – the brain, heart, lungs, liver, etc., and even joints – is disrupted. The skin becomes dry and flabby, a feeling of fatigue, headaches appear, a person becomes distracted, immunity decreases … All these symptoms become a reason to consult a doctor.

    But it is enough to drink just a glass of clean water every hour or two. And many health problems can be avoided! Compliance with the drinking regime is a guarantee of good health and excellent prevention of many diseases.



    Regular fluid intake helps to eliminate salts and toxins that accumulate in cells and clog the body, causing serious harm. Water, according to most scientists, stabilizes the kidneys, which are a natural filter and are responsible for cleansing the organism. In other words, the more water we drink, the easier it is for the kidneys to excrete harmful substances. Only 150-200 ml of warm water on an empty stomach will best cleanse the mucous membranes from toxins accumulated overnight and “start” the digestive tract.


    Drinking approximately eight glasses of clean water throughout the day, we not only cleanse the body but also manage to control the weight. It has been proven that the less water the body contains, the easier it is to gain extra pounds. The benefits of water for weight loss are manifested in the fact that it is the only product that does not contain calories. A glass of water that fills the stomach can reduce appetite and dull hunger.


    Removing waste products, water is necessary for the normal functioning of the digestive system. It reduces the risk of developing infectious diseases and is also a natural lubricant for joints. Cartilage and joints that do not receive the required amount of fluid become more fragile and prone to damage. Often there are painful sensations in the joints, which, again, is associated with a large accumulation of toxins in the blood. Staying hydrated can help prevent arthritis, reduce back pain and even strengthen the spine, which is 3/4 water.


    Water is an excellent thermostat. It is not in vain that after active sports or during intense heat, doctors recommend drinking more. Water “cools” a heated body and normalizes its temperature. Regular fasting water intake is good for heart disease control and prevention. Cardiologists are confident that a person consuming enough H2O per day reduces the risk of heart attack to a minimum.


    Water is also essential for healthy skin. As a result of dehydration, the skin becomes dry, loses elasticity, and may even begin to flake off. In addition, the concentration of toxins increases, and their difficult removal through the skin with sweat is fraught with the appearance of inflammation and skin irritation. Water saturates our cells from the inside out, moisturizes the skin, and prevents it from aging quickly.


    Proper hydration is essential to ensure uninterrupted bodily functions. Healthy people have a good rule of monitoring the amount of water and other fluids they drink throughout the day. For every person the required daily fluid intake is different. It depends on the weight, age, way of life, etc. The important point is staying hydrated, drinking enough water to prevent dehydration as even mild dehydration will have inevitable negative effects on the organism, doesn’t allowing the systems to work properly. It is also essential to drink clean water and not caffeinated beverages, sports drinks, moreover, sugary drinks, and other beverages. Make a habit to stay hydrated. If you forget or do not feel thirsty that often, put s water bottle beside you, so you remember to drink from time to time, download a special tracker, etc. It will help you to maintain good overall health, have nice skin, a positive mood, and figure.

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