Is botox cosmetic only for women?

6 July 2021
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    For those who still think that only women can inject Botox cosmetic products for rejuvenating purposes, we have an invitation to the twenty-first century. Yes-yes, botulinum treatment is also pretty popular among men. Not only women insecure about their appearance and want to improve it.

    If you didn’t know this fact and want to learn more on the topic of Botox for men, keep reading the article. We prepared it especially for you. Have a great time!

    Why men use Botox?

    Since 2017, Botox injections became extremely popular among males. Mainly, it is caused by its effectiveness and noticeable results that stay for a pretty long period of time. With its help, it is possible to temporarily reduce muscle activity and stop wrinkles appear on the target areas, which is definitely a huge benefit.

    Not only that, a lot of men think that their looks can influence their career dramatically. Many business people believe that the more successful a person is – the better they look. A little bit stereotypical, yes, but sometimes this rule works. And do not forget the fact that botulinum administration is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, which means it can be done fast and comfortably, even during the lunch break. No anesthesia is needed; a topical numbing cream will be enough to prevent unpleasant sensations during the treatment. So, horizontal forehead lines, crow’s feet, and other unpleasant flaws can be left far behind.

    The next fact is unknown among many men and women. Clinical studies showed that getting Botox can be helpful with adult acne, which is very common for those individuals with oily skin. But it is still recommended to talk to a beauty professional first about the planned injection site to understand whether Botox will be helpful specifically in a case of a client.

    Some adult males also try to find the lost confidence and self-esteem; they treat frown lines, eliminate wrinkles, and other serious insecurities with the help of a certain botulinum toxin product. In this way, they feel much younger, strong, and more “themselves.” Not only women like to feel pretty! We are sure now is the best time to ruin this silly stereotype.

    Target areas men use Botox for

    Speaking of a treated area of choice, men mostly use Botox cosmetic injections at the same places women do. A procedure makes facial muscles stop contracting and prevent wrinkles appear without surgery in the following sites:

    • Crow’s feet in the corner of the eyes;
    • Between the eyebrows (to prevent severe frown lines);
    • In the forehead to eliminate creases and fine lines;
    • Around the mouth and lips to get rid of laugh lines in people with rich facial expressions).

    Botox cosmetic procedures are incredibly beneficial for a patient of every type. It keeps its effect up to four months, requires minimal downtime, starts working pretty fast (in approximately 4-5 days), and causes minimal side effects and negative reactions. Not only that, but Botox is also helpful with other medical conditions such as improving bladder control, drooping eyelids, recessive sweating, etc. One product to be injected, and so much positive influence. Sounds incredible, isn’t it?

    Possible side effects in men

    It is important to be aware that Botox may not only be helpful and rejuvenate skin easily but also may cause several side effects every client is better to be aware of. In order to not waste your time and make it more understandable, we prepared a list of possible side effects for you, so it’ll be easier to comprehend this:

    • Reactions in the treatment area (swelling, redness, itching);
    • Allergic reaction to any other botulinum toxin product A;
    • Skin tenderness in the place of injection;
    • Difficulty breathing;
    • Blurred vision;
    • Difficulty swallowing;
    • Flu-like symptoms (increased temperature, headache, and nausea).

    Please remember that men with allergies to any ingredients of the injection, skin infection, or skin damage cannot use these types of treatments and should consult with a professional about the possible alternative.

    Final word

    Men all around the world use Botox and enjoy botulinum toxin effects more and more often. That’s great that now they also have an opportunity to achieve their dream looks and get rid of annoying insecurities. If you thought only women could use these types of treatments to improve their appearance – stop thinking stereotypically. It’s high time to catch the newest trends. Good luck!

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