Juvederm — how to distinguish an original from a fake

Juvederm how to distinguish an original from a fake

Injection cosmetology develops according to the laws of parallel reality. In parallel with the legal trafficking of toxins, fillers, and biorevitalization mezokokteyley, there is a trade counterfeiting and forgery are absolutely legitimate products all the line. According to the segment operators, the “grey” market is quite capable of competing with the white market in terms of sales volumes. And it is no secret that popular and expensive cosmetic brands are often counterfeited. Use questionable means more expensive — at best the result will be weak, and at worst fake can harm health.
Before you buy Restylane online, Botox or any other beauty injection drug — you need to make sure of its authenticity.

Reliable supplier.

No matter how banal this advice may sound, it is worth listening to it. After all, a dubious seller can sometimes be even a large store. To save yourself from unpleasant surprises, you should go to the official website of the cosmetic brand and check the list of stores where you can buy the desired products.

Sellers of cosmetics often arrange sales, but you should be wary if you offer a product with a very large discount — it is unlikely that real mascara or shadows can be sold at 80% cheaper. But the high price, alas, is not always a guarantee that you buy the original product. Ask the seller for a certificate — if you refuse to show it, then make a purchase is clearly not worth it.

Difference in packaging design.

A crude fake immediately catches the eye. But there are also a lot of skillful fakes, which can be difficult to distinguish even an expert. Therefore, before you buy expensive cosmetics, visit the manufacturer’s website and carefully examine how it should look like you are interested in the tool.

Fake cosmetics can give details such as the slope and size of the font, the shade of the package, the indistinctly printed text, the size of the package itself and even the weight. Of course, to weigh lipstick or blush in the store will not work, but if the tool seemed to you too easy for the declared weight on the package, this is an occasion to think about its quality.

Bar code, batch number and information from the manufacturer.

For fakes, the bar code may not coincide with the country of manufacture indicated on the package (read here how to check the bar code), and the batch number is most often absent at all. Please note — the same batch number should be on the package and on the tool itself. In addition, the original detailed composition and often have instructions in several languages. If the information on the package is extremely scarce, then before you fake.

Manufacturers of fake cosmetics like to invent new colors and assign them non-existent names and numbers. It is easy to find out what shades your chosen products have and how they should look in reality on the official website of the cosmetic brand.

How to avoid fake injections?

Quality fillers are safe compounds that have been tested and approved for use.
To distinguish a fake from the original is difficult, as the packaging, syringes, logos imitate quite skillfully, that can not be said about the contents of the drug. It scammers can add anything, including chemicals and preservatives, as well as silicone.
The result of the correction of such a fake can be:

  • Sharp pain.
  • Severe swelling.
  • Non-healing scars.
  • Intoxication.

Patients should not try to buy a drug that increases the volume of lips or smoothes wrinkles. It will be safer to go to a proven clinic that values its reputation and uses only quality products. A real Juvederm can’t be cheap!

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