Which habits are harmful to health?

16 June 2021
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    People create their own diseases, which means they are able to cure them, realizing the mechanism of their development. The causes of the disease are in ourselves and not outside. We constantly hear: “Habit is second nature.” Indeed, very often, we are captured by our habits. And if good habits need to be instilled in ourselves from childhood and we try to follow them all our lives, then bad habits appear in us somehow by themselves.

    After all, the influence of these habits on the human body is enormous. Being the owner of at least a few unhealthy habits, a person daily and systematically destroys his/her body. You will be surprised how many ordinary daily things can cause such problems with health as increased risk of weight gain, high blood pressure, chronic pain, kidney disease, blood sugar, problems with the skeleton and inner organs. Let’s find out these malicious habits that slowly but surely day after day can ruin our health.


    Constant “dieting” is a bad habit. The thing is that during a diet, our body completely rebuilds its work, and when the diet ends, and a person starts to eat fully again, then the weight is rapidly gained again, and fat is deposited not only in the old places but also in new ones. Due to constant overload, the joints, heart, and immune system begin to suffer. In addition, mental health problems appear, due to the constant desire to eat, the ridicule of others, a feeling of weakness. All this can lead to depression, which can be much worse than being overweight. So when planning a diet, be sure to consult your doctor.

    Improper diet or overeating

    In the modern world, we do everything on the run. This also applies to food intake. The habit of skipping breakfast or snacking on the go, eating too much junk food rich with saturated fat, sugary foods – as a rule, leads to stomach diseases and other health consequences of such nutrition.

    One type of unhealthy diet is overeating. This problem has become very urgent in our society. It has two sides: the problem of unhealthy extra pounds, stress on the body, metabolic disorders – this is the physical side, but there is also a psychological side – the impossibility of following a diet, emotional disorder.

    That is why the culture of eating, preferring home-cooked meals, healthy limits of fast food and restaurant processed foods, always eating breakfast, having healthy snacks, and keeping a healthy diet and healthy food will not just help for weight loss but become a solid base for a healthier life.

    Lack of sleep

    Sleep deprivation affects vitality and shortens life, although it looks like a completely “harmless” habit. The constantly accelerating pace of modern life, the increasing number of things to be done in a day makes us sleep less. Although full sleep is not a luxury, it is a vital necessity. And its decrease or absence can lead to very serious consequences. Fatigue begins to accumulate, irritability, depression appears, and efficiency decreases. And as a consequence of all this, serious health problems appear in the form of hypertension, head pain, gastritis, stomach ulcers, and sometimes even obesity.

    Lack of movement or just laziness

    Laziness is an unhealthy habit. Reluctance to get up, reluctance to clean, play sports, lazy to strain to quit smoking or drinking. And a sedentary lifestyle is also a consequence of laziness. After all, you need to make an effort over yourself. Very often, we justify our laziness and spending too much time on the couch by the need to rest, recuperate, but, as a rule, such a rest is delayed. One must be able to alternate between rest and work. And the most important thing is that laziness does not become your way of life.


    Since childhood, everyone around has been saying that smoking is one of the most harmful and most common habits. Smoking is the main cause of many diseases like lung cancer, but the beginning smoker does not think about it. High mortality rates from cancer, bronchitis, and coronary heart disease are associated with smoking.

    Smoking addiction is very difficult to overcome. The attention of the smoker who is trying to break this habit is focused only on finding a cigarette, and this thought becomes so strong that everything else fades into the background. A person cannot concentrate. The mood changes very sharply from sheer apathy to irritability, unwillingness to do work. The environment and close people suffer from all this.


    Drinking too much alcohol is another terrible habit that turns into an addiction. Very often, the habit of sitting with friends over a glass of beer on the weekend becomes a heavy addiction that kills health, leads to personality degradation, and negates the future. Alcoholism is also insidious because it often develops imperceptibly. Sometimes a person realizes that it is already very late that he is completely dependent.

    After all, alcohol drinking dependence manifests itself both on physical health and psychological level. Yes, and it has already been scientifically proven that alcohol dependence is a disease. Therefore, if you are going to drink beer in the evening with your friends, think about whether it has become a habit without which you can no longer.

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