Women Heart Attack Symptoms

28 March 2021
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    Women unlike men are not the ones who go for work normally. Many women still remain within their houses and carry out their daily household jobs. But if we think that they enjoy no heart disorders, then we are wrong as they too suffer very much from all these cardiac disorders. Take a look.

    Women suffering Heart Attacks: The General misconception that women enjoy very good health when compared to men is usually wrong as the truth is just opposite.

    Yes, women are protected by the natural estrogen hormones. But it does not completely rule out the possibility of heart disorders in women. In fact recent medical records claim that there is an increase in the number of women being admitted in hospitals owing to heart attacks. So our thinking that women are generally freer from heart disorders is completely wrong as they too suffer from these dreadful diseases. If we take a look on what are the diseases affecting women, we get the clear picture that both men and women are susceptible to all forms of heart disorders and there is only one out of 1000 women who does not get heart problems.

    From all these data, one thing becomes clear that women’s heart health is not the best always and they too like men are very much susceptible to all the cardiac disorders.

    There are many records of women in spite of not having any bad habits having suffered heart attacks and these records are shocking and outs heavy doubt on whether good practices are enough for maintaining good health and also the susceptibility factor of women to all these disorders. When a person cannot prevent a heart attack even after maintaining a perfect diet, then it raises questions about the prevention methods of the disease. Also many women nowadays are also developing other serious forms of cardiac disorders like Congestive Heart Disease which is a really life threatening form of Heart Disorder.

    Also the possibilities are endless for other types of cardiac disorders as well.

    How to prevent them? Well women if they feel like having any symptoms of heart attack should quickly go and visit a nearest health specialist so that if a attack comes, treatment can be given immediately. Also the patient should strictly follow the advice of the doctor and take the medicines regularly as they are the only hope of preventing further attacks. Also regular and a periodic checking of the functioning of the heart is very essential in maintaining good health of the heart. Also if the attacks take place regularly, the patient should be immediately rushed to the hospital to prevent death. Taking care of the Heart Health is very important.
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