Pulmonary Heart Disease

22 January 2021
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    Another very dangerous, life threatening is the best way to describe this disease. It is another strong disease like arrhythmia and other heart disorders. So it is better to learn about it before it becomes too late. Let us take a look.
    About it: This disease is also called as Cor Pulmonale and it belongs to the never ending list of diseases related to the heart.

    Doctors say that this disease is characterized by the enlargement of the right ventricle which is also called as the pumping chamber of the heart in our body. This disease is very dangerous for the simple fact that it may occur either suddenly though not so threatening or slowly with time it just gets bigger and bigger, causing severe problems to the patient. Also the fact that it is life threatening is another very serious thing. There are some serious diseases of the heart like Congestive Heart Disease and it is one among them. Though this may affect anyone in this world with increase in age, doctors say that smokers are the most susceptible to this killer disease as smoking over a prolonged period can cause a condition called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

    Symptoms: The first thing that happens due to this disease is the reduced amount of oxygen running in the blood.

    As we know oxygen is the source of energy to our cells of the body and it is constantly needed by the body to carry out some very important processes necessary for sustenance. Also this will put tremendous pressure on the heart as it will be forced to pump more and more blood to make up for the deficiency of oxygen in the body. So this leads to the enlargement of the right ventricles as more blood passes through it and thus leads to the condition that this disease is associated for.

    Other symptoms include dyspnea along with shortness of breath. Also the affected patient may suffer from some very serious breathing problems. As we have seen in the case of Heart Arrhythmia, the patient also experiences palpitations in the form of missing heart beats and other irregular forms of heart beats. So heart murmurs are more commonly heard in these patients. Also chest pain is experienced in some patients. Cyanosis, which is the bluish discoloration, is seen too.

    Also swelling in the lower legs and feet is experienced and the persons are susceptible to easy fatigability. It is also said that sometime it may even lead to Right Ventricular failure.
    What we can do: If you are suffering from Pulmonary Heart Disease, then it is better if you take some light duties in your work place so that you are not straining yourselves much. Also look to spend some time relaxing so that your breathing is normal and you feel good about yourself. Maintain calm, relaxing lifestyle as much as possible. Also you can take short walks in between in your work place.

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