Risk Factor of Heart Disease

9 January 2021
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    Heart Diseases are becoming more and more prevalent today with the rising pollution both in terms of the actual one and in terms of manpower. Even a normal, healthy person is more susceptible to diseases in the present world. So can a common man be spared? Yes it is possible!! Let us take a look.

    Hypertension: It is one of those conditions that no man wants to possess. It is the gateway to all disorders like Arrhythmia, Congestive Heart Disease and finally the major one Cardiac Arrest.

    Hypertension is nothing but the systolic pressure greater than or equal to 160 mm of Hg and the diastolic pressure greater than or equal to 100 mm of Hg. The normal healthy reading is 120 mm of Systolic pressure and 80 mm of Hg of diastolic pressure. A person with a high reading of the blood pressure means the blood forcefully passes through the arteries indicating the presence of plugged arteries, which is a potential danger to the life of the individual. Also smoking contributes to hypertension to some extent. So a lifestyle free from cholesterol rich diet and smoking is the best way to prevent this condition.

    Obesity: We find many people obese in our lives. Obesity is the storage of excess of body fat resulting in significant impairment of health from a variety of diseases like Hypertension, Atherosclerosis and Congestive Heart Disease. Though it is one of the major risk factors, may people are found to be obese. By becoming more and more obese, people get subjected to high levels of diseases especially the Cardiac problems come to the surface. So if you are obese, it is better that you start to reduce it. Taking rich, nutritious diet is a must and avoiding oil rich food is the simple mantra that can reduce obesity. It is the second best destroyer of your health. It brings pulmonary artery disease and various other diseases close to your body!!!

    Stress: If you find no time for all the exercises, no problem, just make sure that you are not over active as it will bring only Stress.

    Stress is one of those undesirable qualities that we find in most of the population. The rise in competition in today’s world has put pressure from mankind right from his birth. Stress is one of those slow killers which slowly lead the deterioration process of the heart as you will put pressure on it to work hard along with you. So it is highly suggested that we try to live a stress free life, though not possible. But yes, if we change our mindset, then any change is possible! Living a stress free life is a asset that no man right now in this world possess.
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